Fw: More FMs for Albany

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 12:18:38 EST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 01:32:36 Scott Fybush wrote:
 I suspect that, if
> anything, we'll see the 
> oldies on WPTR-FM get a little newer (i.e., late
> 60s-70s).

Oddly enough, 96.7, in a previous incarnation,
actually tried an oldies format for a period of time. 
I forget exactly when this happened, but the calls
WXXO come to mind.  This occurred right after 99.5
(WRVE, at the time WGY-FM) switched from oldies to the
original River.  At that time as well, 98.3 FM was in
the midst of its all 70s format (which was a miserable
failure I might add), leaving oldies only available at
AM 980 in the Capital Region.  Never really heard much
about WXXO's numbers, so I don't know how successful
they were or weren't, but I do know they were bird fed
oldies.  Not too long afterward, 98.3 woke up, smelled
the coffee, and switched back to a simulcast of the
oldies on WTRY (980).  I think it was a matter of
weeks, if not a few months after that happened Don
Crawford came into town, bought 96.7 and 1540 and
changed them into his WDCD religious format.  It'll be
interesting to see how WPTR-FM will fare this time
around if they attempt another oldies format

> Several of those rimshot FMs around Albany are just
> begging to be combined 
> into simulcasts to reach more of the market.
> Galaxy's 93.7 and 94.5 come to 
> mind...

THANK YOU!!!  Ed Levine, are you listening?  I
thought, ever since the day 93.7 signed on the air,
that it would become a simulcast with 94.5.  WRCZ
(94.5) covers the southern part of the market pretty
well, but dies out about halfway through Saratoga
County (Mechanicville to be exact), while 93.7 covers
that very northern part of the market where 94.5's
signal is weak.  I am absolutely floored that Ed
hasn't figured this out already and turned 93.7 into a
94 Rock simulcast, if he's that serious about
competing with WPYX.

                                Matt Osborne
                                Poughkeepsie, NY

P.S - Hey Scott, how's things going with you and the
family?  Please reply off list

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