Fw: More FMs for Albany

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 14:12:59 EST 2004

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:38:28 Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> Not only that but with 50,000 watts, AM 1540 has an
> excellent signal in
> Albany & Troy and beyond, while 96.7 FM doesn't,

Actually, in the tri-cities themselves (Albany,
Schenectady, and Troy) 96.7 FM (WDCD, the former
WVKZ-FM, WWCP amongst other calls) does put out a very
good signal (near city grade) I've found.  Its not
until you start to venture into outlying areas when
96.7's signal starts dropping off fast.  For example,
to the west, the minute you exit Saratoga County kiss
the signal goodbye.  Not sure how far south it gets
exactly, but I'm willing to bet as soon as you get as
far as Selkirk their signal will start dropping like a
rock as well.  Comparatively speaking though, their
signal coverage area is actually pretty similar to
that of WKLI (100.9), albeit a bit smaller.  Its too
bad that, in order for WPTR to compete against WKLI,
they have to move off the 1540 frequency and onto the
much smaller 96.7, but unfortunately the last few
books have shown thats where the listeners are, not on

                              Matt Osborne
                              Poughkepsie, NY

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