WMTW-TV & WFXT In "Welcome To Mooseport"

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Sun Feb 22 13:39:16 EST 2004

Dan B wrote:
>>The movie Elvis starring Kurt Russell had a scene featuring a WGAN
announcer talking about the Elvis concert scheduled in Portland being
cancelled due to the King's death.  I think they may have used the
actual WGAN announcer, but I may be wrong about that.  I'm sure someone
here knows the details.<<

GMTA... I just hit send and your's arrived. ;-)  

Not a WGAN personality. It was an H-wood voice.  Bob Rose was actually
on the air when the contest was being conducted, and Bob broke the news
in Portland. (Bob was a bit miffed, and rightfully so, that he wasn't
asked to do his own voice-thing.)

- -Chuck Igo

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