WMTW-TV & WFXT In "Welcome To Mooseport"

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Sun Feb 22 13:36:42 EST 2004

Andy wrote:
>> (snip) Many of  Stephen Kings books have refernces to real people and
radio stations in Maine. (snip)<<

  One of my personal favorite King references to broadcasting was in one
of his early stories in which he used the analogy for something of size
as being "as big as the WGAN tower," which refered to the big stick
along Route 302 in Raymond.  At that time, Channel 13 and FM 102.9 were
both WGAN (tv and FM, respectively) and on the stick.
   In another of the scare-meister's tales, King's protagonist is James
Gardiner.  A long-time Maine broadcaster who used the nom-du-air of
Nelson Gardiner is "legally" James N. Gardiner.  I read the book, and
inquired of Nelson if it was a coincidence.  Nelson replied that he and
King were casual buddies up in Bangor.

   There's another WGAN reference in the Elvis-mentary, "This Is Elvis,"
which opens with a shot of the "Welcome to Portland" sign on I-295 and a
sound-over of "WGAN" giving listeners a chance to win the last pair of
tickets for that evening's Elvis concert.

- -Chuck (reading Stephen's newest, scariest-ever book: the Bangor ARB)

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