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Laurence Glavin
Sat Feb 21 12:46:04 EST 2004

>DATE: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:33:01

>What Henley just doesn't get is that corporations do not dictate playlists.  Certainly not in major markets.  Stations go to great pains to put together their own playlists with the aim of playing what their own listeners want to hear.  True, labels can hype an artist onto the charts (Clay Aiken being a great example) but the listeners are the ones who ultimately decide what gets played.
>When an artist isn't getting airplay it's usually due to a lack of listener votes...either for the artist or for the stations where they do get airplay.       
On the other hand, a very odd thing happened a few years ago
when a movie called "Oh Brother, Where Art Tou" came out.
It was a moderately successful indie fillum, but the soundtrack
album did extremely well.  Big deal, you say.  For months, several
newspaper and magazine articles pointed to the enormous success
of the soundtrack album and its absence from corporate-
owned radio stations as an example of something the public
craved but the suits kept off-the-air because it didn't fit 
into the niches their radio stations programmed for.
I suppose some of those articles appeared in publications
issued in the northeast, where there is a paucity of C&W outlets,
but they reported that even stations in the South, Midwest and West
toed the corporate line and rejected the album.
Chances are, only college- or foundation-operated
Public FMs played it.

Laurence Glavin

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