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Eli Polonsky
Fri Feb 20 22:43:06 EST 2004

On 2/20/04 12:18 PM, "SteveOrdinetz" <> wrote:

> What planet has he been on for the past 30+ years?  DJs haven't programmed
> their own music since the 60s.

Many "FM underground" AOR DJ's still picked some of their own music
through the early to mid 70's or so.

There was also that little AM oldies station in Manchester in 1990
where, among the few hundred oldies that were there, we both got
to play our picks within categories, no playlists. Too bad that
incarnation of the station had to die, it was fun...

>From the tribute site:

"While the station experienced hard times during the 80s and 90s,
many talented people graced its airwaves including: David Alan
Boucher, J. Christopher Scott, Vince Tyler, Jay Cormier, Rick
DeFabio, Tim Riley, Dennis Burke, Holland Cooke, Charlie Moger,
Gary Duncan, Ed Doherty, John Frawley, Matt Stevens, Carol Ann
Pretzel, Daniel T. Guy, Kevin Farwell, Bill Sterndale, Earle
Greer, Ernie Jenkins, Eve Meredith, Scott Pare, Roger Parmelee,
Bob Stuart, Alan Dary, Jonathon Hall, John Sutton, Steve Ordinetz
and Eric Parker..."

My oldies DJ then-pseudonym, last and perhaps least. I was amazed
to even see it there, considering I was only part-time evenings
for the last four months of it's existence as a live station.

Eli Polonsky

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