late night talkers

Bob Nelson
Fri Feb 20 10:28:40 EST 2004

When I drive home from my job at about 2:30 am,
I sometimes scan the AM dial to find a talk show.
In Boston we actually do have a live and local
show during the overnight, WBZ's Steve Leveille (and
Jordan Rich on weekends).

Most stations do Coast To Coast (George Noory
weeknights, Art Bell weekend nights); re-runs of
shows like Rush Limbaugh, or shows like John and
Jeff (out of KSLX in L.A.). And I think Jim
Bohannon is still on but not in Boston, IIRC.

Are there any other talk shows of note? I have gotten
tapes of Rollye James from WHLO in Akron, OH (though
she originates from WPHT in Philly). She does trivia
on Fri nights and I believe her guest tonite (at 10 pm
Eastern) is Dr. Demento!

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