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Well, maybe it should have controll over the cable industry, me, I'm all for
putting all the regulatory powers back on those that were taken away!
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> > The NY Post reports on the Mel Karmizan concall with affils on his so
> > called edict to clean it up on Infinity's 180 stations.
> > http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/18294.htm
> >
> > Don & Mike Show (WXZO 96.7 Willsboro/Burlington) dedicating the opener
> > of their show (they still have that medium market sound down real well)
> > are complaining about their new limits on things excretory.  Their
> > complaint is "We're a show for guys, on a network for guys.  What are we
> > for, soccer moms?"  Should be interesting to see how Howard Stern
> > handles the so-called new limits on return from vacation next week.  Don
> > & Mike had been bounced without pay for a couple of weeks for one of the
> > naughty seven getting through.
> They have a good point.  Their show is essentially 4 hr of non-sports "guy
> talk"...yeah there may be some references to taking a whiz or something,
> but it's more in the context of general conversation than the focus of the
> discussion.
> Stern ought to be interesting...take away the overt sexual references,
> lesbians, etc. and what's left?  I thought that Stern's contract
> specifically gives him total freedom as long as he doesn't use the
> infamous 7 words.
> While content limits are long overdue, I don't think it's fair to solely
> pick on the broadcast industry.  Much of the reason this material is
> gravitating to radio & broadcast tv is that it's become such a staple on
> cable/satellite.  If these restrictions are not applied across the board,
> it puts broadcast media even further behind the 8-ball.  Alas, the FCC has
> no authority over satellite or cable.

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