GIN, GIP, etc

Kevin Vahey
Fri Feb 20 00:13:24 EST 2004

Ummm are we not forgetting Somerville?

WMFO is Medford so......

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 12:07am, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:07:41 -0500, Scott Fybush <> 
> said:
>>  If not for WZBC, WNTN would have come close: 83,829 people there in 
>> 2000.
>>  I'm pretty sure the largest communities near Boston with NO licensed
>>  broadcast services are Woburn (37,258) and Braintree (33,698).
> Of course, having no stations at all didn't count in the X-band
> sweepstakes.  Quincy comes closest, but still needs another 12,000
> people.  Leominster would have to more than double in population.
> Chicopee is about halfway there, as are West Hartford and Milford,
> Conn.  No place else in New England is remotely close.  (Repeating the
> examination for New York is left as an exercise.)
> One wonders how the FCC would consider an application to move an
> existing daytimer into a new community solely to qualify for an
> ex-band application.  (Does the WJDM Clause prohibit this?)
> -GAWollman

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