GIN, GIP, etc

Garrett Wollman
Fri Feb 20 00:00:01 EST 2004

<<On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:07:41 -0500, Scott Fybush <> said:

> If not for WZBC, WNTN would have come close: 83,829 people there in 2000.

> I'm pretty sure the largest communities near Boston with NO licensed 
> broadcast services are Woburn (37,258) and Braintree (33,698).

Of course, having no stations at all didn't count in the X-band
sweepstakes.  Quincy comes closest, but still needs another 12,000
people.  Leominster would have to more than double in population.
Chicopee is about halfway there, as are West Hartford and Milford,
Conn.  No place else in New England is remotely close.  (Repeating the
examination for New York is left as an exercise.)

One wonders how the FCC would consider an application to move an
existing daytimer into a new community solely to qualify for an
ex-band application.  (Does the WJDM Clause prohibit this?)


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