Today's Globe Brimming With News

Laurence Glavin
Wed Feb 18 17:35:59 EST 2004

Today's (02/18) Boston Globe was brimming with items of
interest!  The names and faces portion of the paper's
entertainment section had tidbits on the possible
career plans of Chris Lydon and a Maine bureau for New
England Cable News.  Read all about it at:

Then over on the radio/TV page itself, probably not
URLable (is that a word?), the Radio Highlights block
said that David Brudnoy will be on his eponymous 
program tonight at 7:00 to discuss his battle with
Merkle Press, I mean Merkel carcinoma.
The quizzical question is, will he HOST the show as
before or will he be a guest for one hour with Jack Williams?  As they say "stay tuned".

Laurence Glavin

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