Mexican Radio Stations Interfering In U.S.

Scott Fybush
Wed Feb 18 17:40:50 EST 2004

Thanks, Methue- I mean, Laurence!

I just listened to the archive of the show 
( - interesting piece, 
and relatively accurate. The two new signals in addition to the 560 are on 
780 and 920 and are already testing. It's going to end up with somebody 
getting a pair of bolt cutters and a blowtorch and heading across the 
border late one night, I just know it...

And the difference between the old-time border blasters (XERF 1570, XEROK 
800, XERB 1090, etc.) is that they operated (and still do) on frequencies 
legally allocated to Mexico by international treaty. The new 560/780/920 don't!


At 05:20 PM 2/18/2004 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:

>Anyway, "Marketplace" did a segment on how high-powered
>AM stations in Mexico were interfering with co-channel
>outlets in Callyfoarneeya (Ahnold's pronunciation),
>TX and the Rockies.  They focused on KSFO-AM 560 in
>SanFran, but alluded to other similar situations.
>One Mexican outlet was singled out: XEPE, south
>of San Diego.  I did a Google(tm) on the words 'XEPE'
>and 'interference', and got this URL:
>I remember several years ago getting the border-blaster
>on 1570 from Mexico that I think ran 250 kw;  if
>Vicente Fox is going to allow this to happen, who knows,
>they might try 1030 (athough there's one in Corpus Christi,
>TX) and suddenly the returning David Brudnoy may do his
>show to the accompaniment of Mariachi music!

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