Mexican Radio Stations Interfering In U.S.

Laurence Glavin
Wed Feb 18 17:20:44 EST 2004

This is news from outside the region (unless some outlet at
1030 khz powers up) that I heard the other day on Minnesota
Public Radio's "Marketplace" with David Bron...I mean
David Brown. 

Sidebar: this switch of hosts has to rank with the replacement
of Allen Ludden by Robert Earle on the "G.E. College Bowl"
TV show, although David Broncaccio didn't die.
David Brown sounds like his predecessor from voice to
vocal mannerisms, and unless one heard Broncaccio's 
farewell show, regular listeners might have missed the succession entirely!

Anyway, "Marketplace" did a segment on how high-powered
AM stations in Mexico were interfering with co-channel
outlets in Callyfoarneeya (Ahnold's pronunciation),
TX and the Rockies.  They focused on KSFO-AM 560 in
SanFran, but alluded to other similar situations.
One Mexican outlet was singled out: XEPE, south
of San Diego.  I did a Google(tm) on the words 'XEPE'
and 'interference', and got this URL:

I remember several years ago getting the border-blaster
on 1570 from Mexico that I think ran 250 kw;  if 
Vicente Fox is going to allow this to happen, who knows, 
they might try 1030 (athough there's one in Corpus Christi,
TX) and suddenly the returning David Brudnoy may do his
show to the accompaniment of Mariachi music!

Laurence Glavin

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