W40BO Again CB/TD; 'BNW Drops Country Birdfeed

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Feb 16 13:24:16 EST 2004

I think WBNW is also now using its night power/pattern at night. Probably
the first time they have done so in about four years. To compensate, the
audio is so incredibly compressed that it is almost unintelligible. I'm not
sure which is preferable--so drowned out by interference that it is
unintelligible or so compressed it is unintelligible. I doubt whether Barry
Armstrong wants to spend the money to improve the night signal--if indeed
any such improvement is technically feasible. Presumably, though, he was
warned about using the day power and pattern all night or he wouldn't have
changed the way the station was operating.

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> Since Feb.5th, W40BO--normaly relaying WBPX-68--has been running
> color bars, with "technical difficulties, please stand by"
> superimposed (this happened last year for several months, too).
> Secondly, WBNW-1.120 has dropped ABC's "Real Country" birdfeed as
> filler, with the venerable "Bruce Williams" covering evenings,
> Geoff Metcalf on overnights (from 10pm-4am!?!) and Doug Stephan
> at 4am--personally, I'd rather they'd kept the heavily processed
> "Real Country"!  P=(
> [Private to Laurence: They also got rid of the TOH ID with that
> little classical ditty as the music bed!]
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