W40BO Again CB/TD; 'BNW Drops Country Birdfeed

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@programmer.net
Mon Feb 16 12:10:11 EST 2004

Since Feb.5th, W40BO--normaly relaying WBPX-68--has been running
color bars, with "technical difficulties, please stand by"
superimposed (this happened last year for several months, too).

Secondly, WBNW-1.120 has dropped ABC's "Real Country" birdfeed as
filler, with the venerable "Bruce Williams" covering evenings,
Geoff Metcalf on overnights (from 10pm-4am!?!) and Doug Stephan
at 4am--personally, I'd rather they'd kept the heavily processed
"Real Country"!  P=(

[Private to Laurence: They also got rid of the TOH ID with that
little classical ditty as the music bed!]


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