What do they call that feature - Program ID transposed on TV set

John Bolduc n1qgs@yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 14:39:58 EST 2004

I have a feature I can set that goes along with SAP, Stereo, Closed
Captioning etc... Since I "long-term" misplaced my remote and left it in
this mode, I stuck with it.

It displays the program name, network, and lenght of program. Might be
called XLS (the TV manual is with the remote and the dozen left socks).

I've noticed when watching some show, such as Kenny the Shark on Saturday
morning on Ch 7 Boston, the program ID says Saturday Night Live.

Also when I watching Ch7 Boston news, if they show a network clip, lets
say from ESPN, the tag stays on the screen for many minutes, until some
other tag displaces it. Now that's annoying, ESPN Net 7 0:15 3:00 showing
on screen during a Playtex commercial. 
It also seems that when the VTR's get reused, they are soemtimes quick
erased, or just recorded over and the imbedded tags are not erased causing
some humorous tags/content situations.

My questions are:
What do they call that feature.
Why isn't there an automatic clear function from the originating end when
the tag no longer corresponds to the content.

Some other rant I get into closed captioning, where the captions in no way
match the content!

By the way, from East Derry NH this morning, Bostons 2,4,5 were
unwatchable due to E-Skip conditions.


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