Uncle Charlie's not amused

DonKelley@aol.com DonKelley@aol.com
Sat Feb 7 10:50:14 EST 2004

In a message dated 2/7/2004 1:39:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, lawyer@attorneyross.com writes:

> I also remember, sometime around 1960 or so, a "weather girl" who was ambidextrous and 
> would write on the weather chart first with one hand and 
> then with the other.

Would this be the same person who stood behind a glass wall with the outline of a map?  She'd write the numbers wind swooshed backward so they looked correct on camera.  I'm thinking it was Jane Day, and she was on Channel 5.

I'm also remembering the opening of the newscast.  It was sponsored by Howard JOhnson's.  They'd open with a shot of the roof and zoom in on the weathervane on top of Simple Simon.  The N,S,E,W from the weathervane would turn around and become N,E,W,S as the V/O guy introduced the news. 

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