WMUR turns 50

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 18:16:28 EST 2004

  Kevin Vahey wrote:

> But geeze you would think they would have a pic of Uncle Gus.

    I recall seeing a couple of Uncle Gus pics on WMUR's website about a
year or two back, prior to Hearst-Argyle's purchase. At one time they had a
"History of WMUR" on their website, that's where the Uncle Gus pics were.

   Uncle Gus was probably the most famous personality from WMUR's "golden
era" (pre-1981). So many in NH and Northeastern MA grew up watching Uncle
Gus, hopefully WMUR's 50th anniversary tribute will pay him the right

   And let's not forget after Uncle Gus concluded his show at 5:30, he then
appeared as the "weather reader" on "The News" at 6PM. I recall for several
years, the weather was sponsored by Manchester Federal Savings Bank. IIRC,
Gus Bernier read the wire copy of the New England forecast, then did the
live spot for the bank, then read the rest of the wire copy, then the local
forecast written on a chalk board, which I think was a erasable marker board
in later years. Gus was also the booth announcer for a good part of the day
at WMUR as well.

Mark Watson

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