Some other WNAC-TV--Channel 7 personalities and such.......

Peter Q. George
Fri Feb 6 12:06:15 EST 2004

Let's see about some other WNAC-TV personalities....
hmmmm, there was Ken Thomas (later of WJBK-TV/Channel
2 in Detroit) who co-anchored "New England Tonight"
with Ken Wayne in the early 1970's.  I do recall Ray
Walker who did Boston 7's weather ("he makes weather,
make sense!") in the evenings and anchored the
noontime newscast.  We all remember Chuck Scarborough
(now of WNBC-TV/Channel 4 in New York).  Bill Brooks
did the news on Channel 7 in the late 1960's and of
course before that, Palmer Payne toiled for Channel 7 
in the mid 1960's (who went to bigger and better
things at WCBS/880 for many years before recently
retiring to Maine).  Dick Flavin moved on to WBZ. 
Paul Reese (remember him?) did the late, late news
summary on Sundays just before sign-off in the mid
1970's.  Steve Sheppard was a reporter who moved on to
WABC-TV/Channel 7 in New York. There are many, many

     In spite of its' dubious history, Channel 7
(WNAC-TV) DID make some good television during its' 34
years of existance and had some fine people working
there over the years.  The only problem was that its'
corporate owner (RKO General) did some things that
they were NOT supposed to do.  The results were far
reaching.  And who could not forget "The Blue Hill
Volcano" on April 1, 1980.  Note the date, April 1. 
That was the beginning of the end of WNAC-TV.  I am
sure, some people at New England Television
Corporation (the contenders for the Channel 7 license)
were licking their chops on that one!  A few months
later, the FCC said that WNAC-TV was not going to get
their license renewed and that NETC was granted a
Construction Permit to build and operate a new station
on Channel 7.  Calmer heads prevailed and NETC was
given the opportunity to buy the assets of WNAC-TV at
fire sale prices.  RKO General was to give all of the
proceeds to charity (namely to WGBH,  Channel
7 never left the air.  Though it is a different
license, in essence, it is the same station that
signed on in 1948.

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts            

> Oh..and is Bill O'Rielly the MOST FAMOUS ex Ch 7
> personality (WNEV days,
> wasn't he on "Look" Magazine?)
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> Ray Walker I don't recall, but I do recall Ted O'B,
> Gamere (how could I have
> forgotten Bob Gamere, the king of 5:30PM)
> Was Zip Rezeppa (sp?) in the 'NAC days or was he an
> 'NEV guy?
> Rhahema Ellis (sp?)....Also can't recall if she was
> 'NAC or 'NEV...
> Did Gary Armstrong make it back to the 'NAC days?
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> Ummm....
> Ted O'Brien
> Sportscaster Bob "Candlepins for Cash" Gamere?
> Sportscaster Barbara Borin  (first female TV sports
> anchor in Boston?)
> Ray Walker (Meterorologist who used an umbrella as a
> pointer)??
> Meteorologist/Spaceshot Stuart Soroka ???
> Sorry - just flushing out the brain.
> -Lou
> "Paul Hopfgarten" replied:
> >Ken Wayne....the voice of WNAC-TV....and Major
> Mudd...that's about it
> >for WNAC-7 days for me....
> Dave "Billy The Milkman" Rodman?

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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