The old WNAC-TV--Channel 7

Paul Hopfgarten
Fri Feb 6 08:51:01 EST 2004

Ray Walker I don't recall, but I do recall Ted O'B, Gamere (how could I have
forgotten Bob Gamere, the king of 5:30PM)
Was Zip Rezeppa (sp?) in the 'NAC days or was he an 'NEV guy?

Rhahema Ellis (sp?)....Also can't recall if she was 'NAC or 'NEV...

Did Gary Armstrong make it back to the 'NAC days?

-Paul Hopfgarten

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Ted O'Brien
Sportscaster Bob "Candlepins for Cash" Gamere?
Sportscaster Barbara Borin  (first female TV sports anchor in Boston?)
Ray Walker (Meterorologist who used an umbrella as a pointer)??
Meteorologist/Spaceshot Stuart Soroka ???

Sorry - just flushing out the brain.


"Paul Hopfgarten" replied:
>Ken Wayne....the voice of WNAC-TV....and Major Mudd...that's about it
>for WNAC-7 days for me....

Dave "Billy The Milkman" Rodman?

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