Uncle Charlie's not amused

Kevin Vahey kvahey@tmail.com
Thu Feb 5 01:35:06 EST 2004


How about RKO Generals track record for local news on WNAC7? Here is a 
station that between 1948/1957 was the only VHF commercial outlet and 
they are ignored in Boston TV history. Ch 4 developed Arch McDonald, 
Jack Chase, Victor Best, Don Kent..etc

Ch 7 had at best Louise Morgan.

Ch 5 arrived in 1957 and woke up local news and Ch 4 reacted, Ch 7 

Seriously can any of the old timers on this list say anything good 
about  WNAC TV?

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 1:16am, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

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