Super Bowl on HDTV

Ben Gore
Sun Feb 1 00:37:41 EST 2004

Dan Billings wrote (in part):

>Is a big antenna required to get HD signals?
Big is, of course, a relative term. But the size and gain of the 
required antenna would depend mostly on the receiver's proximity to the 
transmitter and the terrain between the two. This is more critical with 
the UHF (digital or analog) signals than VHF signals. You don't need as 
large an antenna to have high gain at UHF. The other component that many 
people fail to recognize is cable line loss between to antenna and the 
receiver is much more significant at UHF than VHF, and UHF is less 
forgiving of poor quality components and connections in the antenna system.

But with HDTV it's all or nothing, so most people will know quickly if 
they can find a "hot spot" for the HDTV signal. I suspect for most 
people in Cumberland County, it shouldn't be much of a problem with a 
moderately capable antenna or even a good old bow tie on the rabbit 
ears. Beyond that something more substantial probably will be required.


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