Christmas On The Radio

Dan Strassberg
Fri Dec 24 09:16:15 EST 2004

Yeah; the "idea" might give the owners an "incentive" to decide (as CCU has
done in many markets and--believe it or not--Entercom has done in at least
one market) that there is more money to be made by carrying progressive talk
from Jones and AAR. Wouldn't THAT be just tragic? Left to their own devices,
broadcasting companies are almost 100% politically conservative. They need
incentives to provide a more balanced diet of ideas. Apparently, they also
need incentives to realize that broadcasting of conservative ideas is not
the only way to make money. Even with incentives, many owners will NEVER see
the light.

Dan Strassberg,
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> Since when are radio stations technically owned by the public?  I suppose
> companies like Infinity and Clear Channel whose stock is publicly traded
> could be (with enough imagination) considered publicly owned, but this is
> stretch.
> Let's not give them any ideas.  There's enough mindless political
> correctness around these days as it is.

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