Christmas On The Radio

Fri Dec 24 08:47:21 EST 2004

At 08:11 AM 12/24/2004, rogerkirk wrote:
>Corey Deitz (radio guide for About.Com) asks an interesting
>question:  Why hasn't the ACLU demanded that radio stations
>broadcasting on frequency spectrum that alledgedly belongs
>to all citizens remove all Christmas Broadcasting? The
>"separation of church and state" issue that is removing
>Nativity scenes from City Hall lawns.

Quoted from the article:

>If radio stations are technically always owned by the "public" and simply 
>"leased" by the government in this fashion - then why has no atheist has 
>ever sent out a press release to Fox News suggesting there needed to be a 
>separation of church and state?

Since when are radio stations technically owned by the public?  I suppose 
companies like Infinity and Clear Channel whose stock is publicly traded 
could be (with enough imagination) considered publicly owned, but this is a 

Let's not give them any ideas.  There's enough mindless political 
correctness around these days as it is.

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