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Wed Dec 22 15:13:19 EST 2004

Hmm, Larry you bring up a good point. Goes to show I was kind of
old-fashioned in that line of thinking. Just snap photos of what you want
until someone stops you...

If they put Me, Scott F. and Garrett W. in the same holding cell block (for
our AM radio tower photo transgressions), we can at least exchange different
tower photos from our collections. <grin>

Ron Gitschier
Whereabouts unknown, depending who's asking!

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From: "Larry Weil" <kc1ih@mac.com>
> At 6:45 AM -0800 12/21/04, RonGitschier wrote:
> >Indeed, I was impressed with the WLLH Lawrence tower's performance when
I>visited Lowell/Lawrence etc area for a number of weeks. I have jpg files I
> >took a month ago in Lawrence detailing the tower (from the street,
w/digital zoom) if anyone's interested > >Happy Holidays
> >Ron Gitschier
> Larry Weil replies thusly:
> After posting that you have such detailed pictures, I'de expect a visit
from Homeland Security any day now.
> Larry Weil

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