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>> --- gic <gary@garysicecream.com> wrote:
>>> .....as Little Walter spins those platters that matters........
> He hasn't been on a station that I can hear for a long time. Is he
> playing "normal" (ie-recognizable) oldies or is it all obscure
> doo-wop like he played in the 70s & 80s?

Now that he's nationally syndicating the show, it's a somewhat more
accessible mix. The semi-obscure to really obscure doo-wop is still
there, but mixed with many of the 50's/early 60's hits that used to
be commonly played on Oldies stations fifteen or twenty years ago.

In other words, plenty of well known Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Fats
Domino, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion, and
even Elvis's (etc...) major hits are now included.

A few times an hour nowadays he'll include soul/R&B from the 60's,
artists such as Otis Redding, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Aretha,
certain Motown hits, etc... I've heard soul/R&B as late as 1970.

I don't know if the show is still on WNNH 99.1 Henniker. It was on
Friday and Sunday nights. Also I don't know if WBOQ 104.9 comes in
up there, he's on Sunday nights at 8 PM. Some places in southern
NH can get WWBB 101.5 Providence, he's on Sundays at 9 PM there.

On any clear Monday through Saturday night you can hear Walter
skipping up on 1530 AM WSAI Cincinnati, they run one hour of
his show at 11 PM, though I hear confirmed that sometime after
New Years WSAI is switching from "Real Oldies" to Air America,
which will dump Walter's show when that happens.

Eli Polonsky

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