"Donate Car To Charity" Scheme May End

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Mon Dec 20 16:46:14 EST 2004

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> IIRC, there was an issue with the "Helping Hands Of America"
> organization - which was alledgedly not a charity, but a
> used car dealer that used donated cars to seed their stock
> for free.  Once a car was sold, they donated a "portion" of
> the proceeds to a charity such as "Sacred Hearts" or others.
> Since the donation wasn't "really" to a charitable organization
> it would appear that this activity would cause the IRS to take
> a close look.
> Anybody confirm/deny/have another version?

You mentioned the privately-owned company I didn't want to 
mention, although it was the one cited by the Globe several
moons ago.  The "relevance" to radio will be whether advertising
for this scheme will continue unchanged in 2005 (as well
as in underwriting messages on public radio stations).
The fact that the rule-writers in Congress and the IRS 
have promulgated changes to the procedure indicates that
it was not always on the up-and-up.
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