Clear Channels links with Fox News Radio

Scott Fybush
Mon Dec 6 23:40:08 EST 2004

At 11:57 AM 12/6/2004 -0500, Bob Nelson wrote:

>According to a Wall Street Journal article, Clear Channel has signed a 
>five year deal with Fox News to become their primary news provider.
>" many as 172 of Clear Channel's news and talk stations could 
>eventually carry Fox" newscasts and programs by the likes of Alan
>Colmes. Right now WRKO is Boston's Fox News Radio affiliate (and
>the Colmes show is not heard at all here); not sure if this means
>that the newscasts, etc., will switch to CC-owned Air America
>affiliates WKOX and WXKS.

I wouldn't read that much into it. CC rarely, if ever, issues nationwide 
programming dictates, contrary to local belief. While a deal like this will 
certainly bring Fox content to stations like WHAM here in Rochester and WGY 
in Schenectady eventually, CC's local managers will still have leeway to 
make the decisions they think are appropriate for their local audiences. 
Fox News obviously has no place on an Air America affiliate like WKOX/WXKS, 
and it won't completely supplant ABC on WHAM or WGY as long as Paul Harvey 
draws breath.


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