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WWGB, which is 50 kW DA-D, protects WBZ's daytime service area, but it
throws a good-sized lobe to the north--which it has to do to serve DC from
its location about 35 miles south of the city. That lobe must send a nice
daytime-skywave signal over central and western New York. (Considering that
there is a 1050 that used to be--and maybe still is--licensed to Silver
Spring, one can certainly allege that the MD 1030 station was shoehorned
in, but listening to either station in the southern reaches of metro DC can
be no more challenging than listening to WCRN in, say, Natick.)

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> I had WCRN here in Rochester about 4 PM yesterday, and I'm getting a darn
> fine WBZ signal right now at 2 PM - no mistaking Mike Coleman voicing a
> spot for Burk, 410 Beacon Street, Chelsea :-)
> (Conditions yesterday favored the south and west a bit more than the
east -
> at 4:00 I had WWGB Indian Head MD with Spanish religion instead of the
> FIFTY THOUSAND WATT crankin' voice of NEWS RADIO...)
> s

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