Barron's: Is this the future of radio?

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Aug 31 00:15:07 EDT 2004

On 30 Aug 2004 at 8:27, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> If and when satellite radio becomes as common as AM/FM in cars then it
> could easily be Chicken Little time for terrestrial radio.  Look at the
> success of syndicated radio (Rush, Imus, Stern) where New York has become,
> essentially, the radio "home town."  This could be accelerated by a big
> radio name or two taking the big leap to satellite-only, as Stern had hype
> recently, as well as major market "local" options.
Or, as terrestrial radio declines in listenership, and the sales value of stations drop, we could 
reach the point where Bob Bittner can afford to buy them all, and they'll become a hotbed of 
alternative-style programming.

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