Charlie Sherman Lands at WGIR 610 AM Radio

Dan C
Tue Aug 17 18:56:08 EDT 2004

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From: "John Bolduc" <>
> I was a regular listener to Mike Ball's show. Two things that I noticed
> last week that were out of character during his show were:
> 1)A pseudo contest called the Dead Pool, or something like that.
> Caller would guest who would be the next celebrity to die. When Fay Ray
> died, he had a contestant who had picked King Kong's love interest. I
> thought the contest was out of character for the show and very
> distasteful. Having had my dad pass away still fresh in my mind made my
> fingers itch to write a complaint.
> 2) He wife started calling the show and put on the air with her opinion on
> various topics.  It just seemed odd.
> Didn't Charlie Sherman do some radio at WTSN 1270 AM in Dover many years
> ago??

Charlie did, among many other things, the morning sports after Jock 
MacKenzie eased off his schedule.  The year that the Dover North Little 
League team made it to the LL World Series,  Charlie and I covered it. Quite 
an experience, especially with the Sherm at the wheel.  I had to remind him 
I didn't want my obit to read I died in, please slow down!

Dan C. 

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