Animal nicknames for radio stations

Bob Nelson
Tue Aug 17 14:18:14 EDT 2004

I like to combine my interest sometimes. I'm into radio, "furry cartoons" (with intelligent, anthropomorphized animals), and advertising. So it's fun to check out websites, etc., of radio stations that have animal nicknames. You've seen 'em-- The Fox, the Eagle, Cat Country, Big Froggy, and so on. Often there will be a cartoon character of the animal in advertising, etc.
Tribute site to the legendary WOLF Syracuse, with some cartoon wolves featured on old flyers; a guy in a wolf "fur suit", etc.
One of the many stations to use a fox theme. This one's a classic rocker in Vermont.
A low power station in Eau Claire that is actually run by "furries" (fans of cartoons with intelligent animals)

There was even "the Bunny"--when the rock band Phish played their farewell
concerts in Vermont last week, they rented out WMOO-FM 92.1 (yes, those
are the actual calls!) and re-dubbed it the Bunny.

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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