A memory of Julia Child

Larry Lovering news@southstation.org
Sat Aug 14 07:55:29 EDT 2004

Yesterday, on WBZ, a former staffer of hers told of Julia's quirky love for
McDonalds, saying that the french fries were so good because they were
cooked in something that wasn't good.

-Larry Lovering

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 She took the fear
> out of cooking
> for many people and led the way for all the other cooking shows that 
> we so enjoy today.
> Bon Apetit Julia and rest in peace.
> -gary francis

Remember the wayback SNL parodies on Julia.  I think Dan Ackroyd.  In a move
gone horribly wrong, she (Ackroyd) would calmly talk though the recipe while
blood gushes like a garden hose from one former body part or another.  I
recall hearing that Julia was quite taken with the parodies, reaffirming her
wonderful sense of humor and her humility.  I always felt that by
demythologizing fine cuisine, Julia was "cracking the code" privately held
by fancy-pants for generations.

Bill O'Neill

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