A memory of Julia Child

gic gary@garysicecream.com
Fri Aug 13 22:28:45 EDT 2004

Hearing about the passing of Julia Child this morning brought back memories
of the morning that I spent 2 hours interviewing her on WRKO.  She had been
booked for the entire 4 hours of Dining Around with Gene Burns, but Gene got
called on to appear on a live Ch 7 news program from 10 - 11 so as the
regular Dining Around fill-in, I got to spend the first half of the show
with her until Gene got there just after the noon news.  What a
down-to-earth delightful person she was.  She even joked about the parodies
comedians did about her.  When I heard of her passing I went and found my
copy of "The Way to Cook" which she gave me that morning and inscribed for
me and spend some time paging through it.  She took the fear out of cooking
for many people and led the way for all the other cooking shows that we so
enjoy today.

Bon Apetit Julia and rest in peace.

-gary francis

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