National Glass (was: WCRN drops AP Network News)

Mission Control
Wed Aug 11 12:09:32 EDT 2004

Dan Strassberg originally wrote: 
>It would be interesting to know which came first--WCRN's decision to mostly 
>dump the Swing format and all but one member of its air staff--or the exit 
>of the one sponsor, National Glass, which appeared to be buying, far and 
>away, the heaviest spot load.

Then Steve Ordinetz opined:
>Do we even know that this was a paid account, or maybe just trade?

WHAT?! A heavy spot load of automobile glass that's trade? That's a helluva lot of auto glass! Especially in a state that gives auto glass replacement free if you have comprehensive auto insurance.  

Methinks that N.G. is a paying customer who got a lot of freebies when WCRN was live (and that type of format allowed that to happen). I've listened for a bit, and still heard National Glass advertising spots quite frequently. Sorry, I just can't see it as trade.

Now if it was a RESTAURANT...


as for the "new" format, welllllll... 

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