WCRN drops AP Network News; largely drops Swing format

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Aug 10 21:44:01 EDT 2004

WCRN 830 Worcester has, for the most part, dropped its locally originated,
automated Swing format and replaced it with what I believe to be ABC's
satellite-delivered Unforgettable Favorites. I had thought that
Unforgettable was the satellite-delivered format heard on WESX 1230 Salem
and WJDA 1300 Quincy, but this doesn't sound the same--although I haven't
tried to see if WJDA or WESX and WCRN carry the same programming at the same
time. For sure, whoever originates this format isn't going broke paying the
"talent." Today, I heard a (very young sounding) announcer refer to New
York's Greenwich Village and pronounce the W. Will somebody please tell me
what the generic name of the Unforgettable format is? It's really heavy on
what I'd call '50s AC. Just as I've characterized NAC as Kenny G 24/7, this
sounds kind of like Ricky Nelson 24/7. Not as offensive as rap or heavy
metal, maybe, but it doesn't win any prizes for good taste (or singing on
key; I could believe that all the music is played a half tone flat on
purpose--or maybe the satellite is leaving earth orbit and this is the
Doppler effect ;>). I assume that the ABC news that WCRN now carries on the
hour in place of AP Network News comes as a package with Unforgettable.

It would be interesting to know which came first--WCRN's decision to mostly
dump the Swing format and all but one member of its air staff--or the exit
of the one sponsor, National Glass, which appeared to be buying, far and
away, the heaviest spot load. Did the Carberry's hire a consultant to tell
them that, by dumping Swing and picking up Unforgettable, WCRN would attract
a (slightly) younger audience (albeit one whose taste is all in their
mouths)? Or did the Carberry's figure that out all by themselves? Next stop,
a return to brokered religion? A sale of the station? Or was this strictly
an economy move to keep the station alive and in the family?


Dan Strassberg
Fax: 1-707-215-6367

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