Donna Halper
Mon Aug 9 00:36:26 EDT 2004

>Scott wrote--
>Montreal still has some English radio - Standard owns news-talk giant CJAD 
>(800), AC CJFM (Mix 95.9) and classic rocker CHOM (97.7, the legendary 
>ex-album rocker Donna's thinking of). CHUM owns sports CKGM (The Team 990).

Ah yes, I recall hearing CJAD about a year ago.  But yeah, I guess nobody 
does bi-lingual the way they used to.  And yes it was CHOM that I 
recall.  It used to have studios in a part of Montreal (Westmount, I think) 
where the English-speakers hung out! I am sure those days are long 
gone.  I'll be up in Toronto in a couple of weeks-- 30th anniversary of my 
discovering Rush, and I'm speaking at a convention-- it'll be interesting 
to see how radio in Toronto has changed too.

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