Scott Fybush
Mon Aug 9 00:23:58 EDT 2004

At 12:17 AM 8/9/2004 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:

>>Scott wrote--
>>Yup, CHOI is French. There are almost no English-language privately-owned 
>>stations outside Montreal - just CKTS 900 Sherbrooke, which relays CJAD 
>>800 Montreal, and a community station in Lennoxville, near Sherbrooke 
>>(CJMQ 89.9). Other than that, you're dependent on the CBC if you want to 
>>hear English radio in the province outside Montreal...
>You mean there are no English-language album rockers in Montreal 
>anymore?  I forget the call letters of the one I used to listen to when I 
>was doing business up there, but it was quite bi-lingual...

"Outside Montreal," I said :-)

Montreal still has some English radio - Standard owns news-talk giant CJAD 
(800), AC CJFM (Mix 95.9) and classic rocker CHOM (97.7, the legendary 
ex-album rocker Donna's thinking of). CHUM owns sports CKGM (The Team 990). 
Corus owns all-news CINW (940) and hot AC CFQR (Q92.5). And McGill 
University's CKUT 90.3 is mostly English.

The days of CHOM being bilingual are gone - the CRTC won't allow that 
anymore (although several stations whose announcing is all in French are 
licensed as English-language stations and play a majority of English-lyric 
music in order to get around the CRTC's ownership limits...)


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