Mark Laurence
Mon Aug 9 00:30:46 EDT 2004

On Monday, August 9, 2004, at 12:02  AM, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> Bob spent some time commenting this morning on CHOI and its license 
> woes in Canada.  One thing that wasn't clear: Is CHOI a 
> French-speaking station?


> Not all stations in Quebec Province are.  There are a few 
> English-language stations, especially in Montreal.

CHOI is in Quebec City.  There is not much use there for an English 
language commercial station.  In the 1996 census, Metro Quebec had 
637,000 self-identified French speakers and 11,000 English speakers.  I 
think the only English station there is CBC Radio One, and it has 
miniscule ratings.

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