Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

Roger Kirk
Sun Aug 8 12:12:36 EDT 2004

"A. Joseph Ross" notes:
> Moore does not make directly false statements,  but cleverly relies on
half-truths and insinuations.  If you
>listen carefully to what he says, it's  literally true, but it gives you
the impression that other things unstated are

I offer this quote:
"My opponent is a known sexagenarian and has been observed, on several
occasions, masticating in public."

To make a connection with broadcasting:  These are the very principles upon
which modern advertising is based.  Why do we decry the use of insinuation
in political ads, but shrug it off (with a Caveat Emptor)in automobile ads
and other frequent-flyers of the half-truth?

Ads for auto dealers regularly exclaim:
-All Credit Applications Will Be Accepted! [Accepted, yes, Approved, maybe]
-At A Fraction Of The Original Price [99/100 is a fraction.  105/100 is,

TV & Radio Ads constantly insinuate that use of the proffered product will
result in immediate, significantly improved attraction of the opposite
gender.  Remember the poor shlub with dandruff - he used Head & Shoulders
and now the previously scorning woman is running her fingers through his
hair with wild abandon.

Habitant's radio ads claimed "You don't Have to add water, Habitant is Real

And finally, to connect with the Northeast and the environs of Boston, I
offer the indisputable claim of MIT's former WTBS: "More music per fortnight
than any other Lower Charles River Basin Station."

I'm afraid that without carefully crafted insinuation, the world of Radio &
TV advertising would, indeed, be a very dull, predictable place with a mere
fraction of it's former excitement.

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