Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

Larry Lovering
Sun Aug 8 07:27:48 EDT 2004

Most of the ARPANET was invented right here in Cambridge by my former
company.  And I take no credit for any of it.

Note that development work started in 1968 on the ARPANET, the forerunner of
the Internet.  The router, email, the format for emails (that's where the
'@' sign came from) all came from BBN.

In 1982, BBN was awarded again the contract to build the DOD networks, so
eventually, the ARPANET became the Internet.  In New England, NEARnet was
formed in 1989 to service colleges and universities linked to other regional
networks.  The Internet was originally a set of interconnected networks, not
as decentralized as it is now.

-Larry Lovering

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> What rebuttal? Just curious.
> Later.Mike

What Gore actually said was more like, "As a member of Congress, I took the
lead in creating the Internet."  He was referring to having taken a
leadership role in providing Congressional support and funding for
developing the Internet, which was true.

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