Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Aug 7 22:47:58 EDT 2004

On 7 Aug 2004 at 10:38, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> And the relevance to broadcast media in the northeast is...?

We were talking about media coverage of campaigns and the way that a distortion can get 
repeated by the press without criticism.

Incidentally, though at the moment it seems to me that the Republicans are doing it more, 
both sides do this.  The most blatant example of Democratic distortion that I know of 
happened when Charles Wilson, a former CEO of General Motors and Secretary of Defense-
designate in the incoming Eisenhower Administration, said in his confirmation hearing 
something like "I have always thought that what was good for our country was good for 
General Motors and vice versa."  The Democrats quickly twisted that into "What's good for 
General Motors is good for the country," and it's been quoted that way ever since.

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