Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

Larry Weil
Fri Aug 6 17:37:58 EDT 2004

At 04:39 PM 8/6/2004, Douglas J. Broda wrote:

>If I am true to myself (a basically moderate Democrat who believes that 
>free speech is the heartbeat of America), I must insist that the means for 
>addressing inaccuracies in a political ad is not to squelch speech, but 
>rather to prove its inaccuracy, even if there is a cost to a particular 
>candidate I would badly prefer to see prevail over his opponent.

In theory, that's great.  In practice, the media often will not cover the 
rebuttal, so only one side gets heard.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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