another Meninoism

Laurence Glavin
Thu Aug 5 18:43:48 EDT 2004

From: "gic" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 17:39:31 -0400
To: "Boston radio e-mail list" <>
Subject: another Meninoism

> from the man whose PSA for prostate cancer says "prostrate cancer",
> today Boston Mayor Tom Menino was shown saying (on Channel 5).... "the
> perforation of guns across the state........"  I assume he meant the
> "proliferation"
> -g

That's truly minor compared to what "Dubya" said to day (08/05).
If it isn't the lead on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
it's only because it's way too easy!
Hint: GWB indicated  that the USA may be its own worst enemy.

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