Promotion By WAAF Not a Barn Burner

Laurence Glavin
Thu Aug 5 18:37:03 EDT 2004

Worcester's (or should I say Westborough's) WAAF used its formidable
clout to promote an "appearance" in Salisbury, Mass. by that
fine, upstanding "artist" Snoop Dogg.  Wow, um maybe 'wow' is not a
good choice of word considering 107.3's history...
GOLL-lee, but the authorities in that seacoast town were
warned to be ready for multitudinous hordes
of folks that night.  Well, it turned out, the numbers
advertised fell short and SD became spooked
by all the gendarmes.  Read all about it at:

I wonder if the folks who DID show up got their $99 back.

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