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Roy Lawrence lawrencemedia@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 20:04:16 EDT 2004

The WHEB-AM tower was torn down in early-mid 1991 to
pave way for the construction of the current 459' FM
tower currently located at the rear of the Lafayette
Plaza. The tower was required to be dismanted as per
the City of Portsmouth. The remaining tower (the
original FM stick) was able to stay as so to allow for
STL, two-way communications. The 1987 sign-off figure
is from the best of my memory, which can be fuzzy from
time to time. I'm sure Ed Brouder is probably right as
the time frame makes sense. 

That was a station I always wished could have gotten a
night time license, moving it's TX into Maine. It had
a killer signal. The NIMBY pressure prevented that

Roy Lawrence
San Francisco, CA

--- SteveOrdinetz <steveord@bit-net.com> wrote:

>   Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >I was listening on the car radio to WHEB in the
> splatter from
> >WJIB, which is only about half a mile away. I
> recall that this was AFTER
> >WJIB started airing LTAR. And LTAR hasn't yet been
> on the air for 10 years.
> >(No, LTAR wasn't on as I sat listening to the
> first-adjacent station; LTAR
> >has never been on on Saturday evening.) If my
> memory serves me--and it may
> >not--this would place WHEB's signoff in 1994 or
> thereabouts. Even if I am
> >wrong about this incident having occurred after
> LTAR started, it could not
> >have taken place in 1987, because my wife died in
> September 1988 and I
> >didn't meet Susan until shortly after that.
> I also recall WHEB still being on the air in the
> early 90s, though not as 
> late as '94.  According to Ed Brouder's book
> "Granite & Ether" 750 went 
> dark 1/31/91, which sounds about right.

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