outdated stuff

Sid Whitaker sid.whitaker@unh.edu
Wed Aug 4 22:11:33 EDT 2004

Just listening to the Sox on WJAE and wondering when the "Pedro, Nomar, and the
Sox..." bumpers will be updated to reflect Nomar's departure...

or the spot running during Sox 'casts that says, "hey Sox fans, looks like it's
finally going to the Sox' year..."  Hmmmm...Sox are 8 1/2 games behind the
Yankees and 1/2 game behind Texas in the wild card and it's Aug 4...

But my personal favorite...The Univ of New Hampshire fall 2004 course schedule
which advises that weather-related cancellations can be heard on WHEB, AM-75
(!) (how long as WHEB-AM been dark? 20 years?)


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