Post-Stern Ratings Collapse

Tue Apr 27 07:47:17 EDT 2004

Matthew Osborne wrote:

>The article is about Howard Stern's ratings going back
>up in several major markets nationwide since the
>latest FCC furor over his show.

I'm sure there is a bit of curiosity as to what all the fuss is about.  The 
$64 question is whether they'll stay, or drift away once the novelty has 
worn off.  Howard is one of those who you either like or don't...not much 
middle ground.

>  However, at the
>bottom of the article, there's a little blurb about
>one of the Clear Channel stations that pulled his show
>off the air, KIOZ-FM in San Diego, CA.  Apparently,
>since they pulled his show, morning drive ratings have
>dropped from an 8.9 in February to a 0.7 in March!
>Man I am so glad I'm not in that PD's shoes right now

Well, duh!  Stern's audience tends to tune in for Stern alone and then 
scatters at 10am.  With him gone, why would they continue to listen?  It's 
gonna take some time to attract a new audience to that time slot.

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