Severin Enters Ozone Layer

Dan Strassberg
Mon Apr 26 17:42:22 EDT 2004

Well, if he didn't say what he has been widely reported as saying, what DID
he say? If he is as valuable to WTKK as he is alleged to be, many people
must have heard him and some of them may even read this list. It's
undoubtedly too much to hope that somebody was rolling tape and can
transcribe what he said, but somebody must have been listening. If so, what
do you remember hearing him say?

BTW, Only a couple of days after Ozone was pulled from the air on WRKO for
comments similar to those Severin allegedly made more recetly on WTKK, I
heard Michael Savage on WRKO making comments very similar to those that
Ozone reportedly had made. I raised the issue here and on
Not only was there no brouha-ha on this list or that board, but nobody even
made note of my report. And of course, Savage went on--and continues to go
on--spewing his venom night after night.

Seems to me that any talk host who is regarded as sufficiently valuable by
his station or syndicator can get by with any sort of attack on Muslims--but
is likely to get at least a wrist slap for attacks on other groups (and of
late for just about any explicit sexual comment). Yes, talk shows are all
about voicing opinions, but there are things that hosts are permitted to say
and things that they aren't. And station rules about what can't be said are
definitely influenced by the dollar amount of--and to a lesser extent by the
number of--FCC fines for inappropriate speech.

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> >Severin was "out sick" yesterday, replaced by a live
> >pick-up of the syndie Sean Hannity, which WTKK
> >regularly runs tape-delayed at 10 pm. Hannity told
> >his 'TKK listeners, "Jay will be back Monday; let
> >not your heart be troubled". No mention of Severin's
> >remarks being the reason for his absence (if indeed
> >they were).
> >
> Jay was back today (04/26) and denied he ever made those comments.
> Someone called and told him to stop whining, but he
> claimed he wasn't whining RIGHT AFTER whining!
> (He claimed that a story in the Sunday Globe kept him
> from enjoying the Red Sox game that day.)
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