Nassau Flipped Today

Dan Strassberg
Thu Apr 15 15:02:35 EDT 2004

A couple of months ago, I speculated on this list and elsewhere that the
insistence of what became Air America on purchasing major-market signals, as
opposed to LMAing them, was a strategem intended to enable the company to
demonstrate a conspiracy against its being heard. However, it appeared that
reason had prevailed. I've not seen any applications for transfer of control
of any of the stations on which Air America's programming is or was being
heard. As far as I know, the network is purchasing time on all of those

The most likely explanation for Liu's pulling Air America's programming in
LA and Chicago is that some independent program producer that thought it had
a deal with Liu for time on WNTD or KBLA discovered that the programs
weren't being aired. The producer probably called both Liu and Air America
and said "Hey, we PAID for that time," at which point, Air America stopped
payment on its check. I suspect that when all the facts are sorted out,
we'll discover that Liu returned the independent producer's check once he
decided to substitute Air America for the other paid programming. Since Liu
has multiple properties in LA (and I think also in Chicago), he is likely
offer time on other stations to make good the time the independent producer
thought had been paid for.

And BTW, at least one of Air America's stations cannot be called a dog
signal--though it is an AM. The Portland OR affiliate is the former KGW 620.
I don't know who owns the station, but I do know that it lost its Tx site a
few years ago and now diplexes from the KEX 1190 sticks. Although I don't
know what that move did to the signal, it used to be, and probably still is,
one of the better AM signals in Portland.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > It seems as though Drudge got it wrong again, They stopped payment when
> > Multi cultural, tried holding them up for more money and when they
> > attemted to negotiate, they pulled the plug.  They did not bounce a
> > check to them, they are not in dire straights.
> This whole thing sounds fishy.  I wonder if AA is intentionally trying to
> sabotage itself so it can claim that the Great Right Wing Conspiracy ®
> prevented them from getting their message out.  The fact that even with
> all the hype they were only able to get on a few dog stations in a handful
> of cities seems a bit odd as well.

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